Board of Advisers

board of advisers michael cohen
Michael Cohen, Ph.D

Sonoma State University
Director, The Cohen Lab

Dr. Cohen specializes in environmental microbiology and plant-microbe associations. He also studies environmental microbes in natural and human-engineered environments. International research includes investigations into bacterial communities in rock crevices and the design and testing of efficient systems for integrated bioremediation.

board of advisers elise gornish
Elise Gornish, Ph.D

University of Arizona, Tucson
Founder and Director, EcoRestore

Dr. Gornish’s research addresses restoration strategies that mitigate effects of climate change, particularly warming & decreasing precipitation. She is passionate about designing financially and logistically feasible restoration strategies while also facilitating knowledge exchange and development of online information portals.

board of advisers daniel calatayud
Daniel Calatayud

Director, Semillistas

Daniel is one of the world’s foremost seedball researchers and is currently pioneering the regulation of seed germination latency, as well as pelletizing techniques, granulometry, and uniformity for mass dispersion, each of which is an aspect of droneseeding critical to landscape-scale regeneration.