Research & Fabrication

Comprehensive Capacity

SRFF – Seedball Research and Fabrication Facility 

The SRFF is designed for the essential research, development, and real-world application of SETs in ecological restoration.

It goes far beyond traditional clay-and-compost to precision fabrication, germination deliverables, repeatable results, and mass scalability.

uniformity upscaled
Uniform spheres for mass dispersion

Controlled environments for separate functions:

  • Seed receiving and cleaning
  • Materials processing
  • Inoculant stations
  • Seedball fabrication
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled storage
Research and Development
  • Film coating & inoculants
  • Regulating germination latencies

  • Combined priming strategies

  • Inter-species mutualism
  • Material composites
  • Microorganism reproduction
  • Plant-fungal associations
A higher success rate for entire forest systems.
floor plan in blue padding
  • 1
    Work stations, offices.
  • 2
    Processing Room
    Shipping and receiving, sorting station, cleaning, processing, priming.
  • 3
    Research Station
    Germination chambers, microbiology drums.
  • 4
    Drum Room
    Pelletizing drums/extrusion machines, precision scale and materials application equipment.
  • 5
    Drying Room
    Controlled-temp and humidity storage.

Delivering Successful Seeds

In spite of the critical importance of this aspect in the restoration of damaged ecosystems, research on seeds for ecological restoration is nearly non-existent.​

We are in the forefront of efforts to establish standards and practices.

daniel calatayud lab
Leading Researcher Daniel Calatayud
microprocessor variable temperature germination chambers
Microprocessor for variable-temperature germination chambers
dark drone isolated
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