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We create accelerated solutions for regenerative forestry, resilient ecosystems, and thriving biodiversity.

Droneseeding dramatically scales up restoration of critical forestlands, watersheds, and habitats, helping in the process to sequester carbon, mitigate climate change, and safeguard our future.

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At Speed. At Scale.

Vital new hope for ecosystems worldwide.
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Emerging drone technologies enable us to speed up, scale up, and automate aerial restoration.

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Seed Enhancement Technologies optimize germination, boost growth, and protect the seeds from predators, disease, and desiccation.

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Technology For Life

Precision fabrication, repeatable results, and mass scalability. Developing effective solutions for real-world application.

More efficient, more effective, radically scalable.

Successful Seeds

We use Seed Enhancement Technologies (SETs) to create large volumes of optimized seedpods, from humble grasses to towering redwoods. In our Seed Research and Fabrication Facility (SRFF) we pioneer research including priming strategies, materials combinations, species mutualism, inoculants, and precision fabrication to enhance germination, regulate latencies, and increase growth. Ecoballs also contain optimal combinations of species from forbs and sedges to the understory and the dominant canopy to restore whole ecosystems in one throw.

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Pollinator seedpod with seedlings of multiple species
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Pollinator seedpod garden
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Precision layering, enhanced materials
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Emergent radicle

Generating Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Napa Valley

Keeping deserts at bay in New Mexico

Reforestation in the Southeastern US

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